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Natalia Romanova [userpic]

#37 Define your weakness

September 7th, 2006 (11:57 pm)
current song: Garbage - Supervixen

The thing about being a spy was that one was trained to observe without being seen or noticed. Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow, was an expert spy and the man she was watching didn’t have the faintest clue he was the object of her attention.

Matthew Murdock, also Daredevil, had heightened hearing, but even at this distance he couldn’t pick up the distinctive beat of her heart and how it skipped a beat or two when she looked at him. It was better she kept her distance in general, but it didn’t mean she couldn’t check up on him now and again.

If the Black Widow could be said to have one weakness, Matt Murdock would be it.

They had been lovers once, friends most of the time, even enemies at one point or two over the years. No matter how many times she tried to stay away, she was always drawn back to him. How many times had she vowed to stay away from him, only to return to his side for one reason or another?

It was a curse, really. She tried over and over to stay away from him and just when she thinks she can do it, something always happened. The latest thing had been Matt’s identity being revealed and the Murdock Papers. Before that it had been the swipe Alexi had taken at her. And before that…she could keep going on and on. This is how it always was.

She sighs. She should leave, even go as far as leave New York, before she did something stupid like go and see him. Or even worse, throw herself at him like the last time when she surprised him by waiting naked in his bed. Putting distance between her and him seems like a good idea.

She turns away from watching him. It is for the best that she leaves. She tells herself that a few times, trying to get herself to believe it.

The Black Widow slips back into the comfort and safety of the shadows, leaving the red guardian devil to Hell’s Kitchen and to the past.