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Natalia Romanova [userpic]

#40 Protection

September 29th, 2006 (02:19 am)

Her mouth came down on his, hard, deliberate, and delirium inducing. They had barely made it inside of Matt’s apartment before her lips were locked with his. Her blood was running hot from the fight as it always was and she knew of one way to take care of it that didn’t involve more violence.

She breathed in, sucking the breath from him and threatening to take all the air from him and killing him like her namesake. She knew it would come to this after the fight. They weren’t a couple anymore, just friends, close friends but not in any way involved with each other, but she couldn’t help herself. Well defined muscles moving gracefully under red spandex didn’t go unnoticed and it had done everything to turn her on. Turn her on enough to not care if he was currently involved with someone else and not her.

Natasha pushed the thoughts of Matt being with someone else from her mind. She didn’t want to think right now. She just wanted to feel and touch him and be touched in return.

“Tasha…” he growled.

“Shhhh,” she urged him. Natasha didn't want Matt to say anything at all. Talking could lead to trouble. Talking could lead to stopping. A roar was building inside her. Taming it the only way she knew how, by feeding the hunger for Matt, Natasha slid her tongue deeper into his mouth.

Her tongue lashed his tongue and explored the warm recesses. Her hands went to his head and pushed the mask off of him. Her fingers ran through unruly red hair and nails raked across his scalp. She felt his fingers fumbling with the zipper on her uniform while her hands pulled at his uniform.


“Shut up Matthew,” she growled against his mouth and she slid his uniform down to his waist. Her hands lightly moved over his chest and a moan escaped her. It had been too long.

He finally managed to get the zipper of her uniform down and hands pushed her uniform off her shoulders. Her moan was loud as his palms bushed over exposed flesh, sending shivers racing through her body. Black leather gave easily under his expert hands and in no time it was in a pile at her feet.

Not wanting to be the only one mostly naked, Natasha tugged at red spandex. His uniform met hers on the floor. She pressed her body against his and deepened the kiss. Black lace and cotton boxer briefs were the only things keeping her from getting what she wants. She was so close, yet so far.

Her hands grabbed the elastic waistband and pulled down. The underwear moved easily and the pair of boxer briefs joined his uniform at his feet. She pressed up against him, her mind swimming at the feel of his erection against her body.

“Matt,” she growled.

He promptly removed her of black lace bra and panties and they both kicked off uniforms from around their feet. Natasha took a step forward, forcing him to take a step backward. The back of his legs bumped against the bed and he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her down with him.

Her hips pushed against his as her mouth claimed his again, the need and want too much to contain or control. She wanted him now and she would have him.


“No talking,” she grumbled against his mouth as she positioned herself on top of him, ready to have him slip inside of her.

“Protection,” he protested against her demanding mouth.

Natasha froze. “What about it?” she asked as she pulled back and gave him a look.

“Would this be a bad time to tell you I don’t have any?”