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Natalia Romanova [userpic]

#33 - All Good Things

August 10th, 2006 (12:11 am)
current song: Wait - Sarah McLachlan

Natasha sighed as she leaned back against the side of the car. The sun beat down relentlessly and the air shimmered in the heat. It had to be around a hundred and ten, easily, and it wasn’t even noon yet. Arizona in the summer was like that, but it didn’t bother her much.

She kicked at the ground and a small cloud of dust rose lazily in the hot air. Natasha looked over at the man lying on the ground. The bastard still wasn’t done dying and she figured he wasn’t going to talk, but she had to wait until he died or talked. It wasn’t wise to leave an enemy alive behind you.

Natasha glanced at her watch. Forty five minutes had passed since his blood started to spill out of his body and the bastard was too stubborn to die. She had to admire his professionalism though. Most people would’ve talked by now, but not him. Whomever he was working for meant business to send someone like him after her.

She could be rock climbing right now if it hadn’t been for this bastard. She was retired dammit. The spy business had been left behind months ago, but apparently it didn’t want to stay in the past. All good things had to come to an end, including her retirement.

She looked down at the soon-to-be-corpse for a moment and then back out at the horizon. The sky was a dull blue and the landscape shimmered from the heat. It had been a perfect day for rock climbing too.

Natasha sighed and looked at the man again. The blood coming from the knife wound turned dark when it hit the dirt. The dry ground quickly absorbed the life giving liquid. So much for retirement, she thought. Like it or not she was being dragged back into the game.

She had just been starting to enjoy retirement too, but that was the story of her life. Every good thing in it eventually ended, badly in most cases.

Idly she wondered what Matt was doing. It had been months, almost a year, since she last had contact with him. It was always prudent to keep an eye on him; the man had a talent for getting into trouble, but Tasha had been trying to keep him in the past like her career.

There was another good thing that had ended, perhaps the best thing in her life to date. The year they had spent together in San Francisco had been one of the happiest times in her life and back then she had been naïve enough to think that it wouldn’t end. But like everything else, it did.

She didn’t want it to end, but she felt like she didn’t have a choice. She had been slowly losing herself in him and in his shadow. The Widow was a strong woman and couldn’t afford to be seen as playing second string to someone else. Her life at that point had centered on Matt and she had forgotten who she was.

So she left him.

And she has regretted it to this day.

Leaving him wasn’t her only option, but back then it was the only one she could see. Now she would give almost anything to go back and do things differently. She’d give herself the chance to have some happiness in her life.

She closed her eyes for a moment.

Walking away from Matt was the hardest thing she’s ever done and one of the stupidest. It was one of the few good things in her life she brought to an end.

But it didn’t really end, did it? She still saw Matt and they’ve remained close over the years. There wasn’t a time when she asked him for help that he didn’t help, and vice versa. They have always been there for each other, through good and bad, they just weren’t an item. They were friends and probably always would be. Lovers to friends. It was some small measure of comfort.

Natasha sighed again and looked at the dying man. Bad things were coming. She could feel it like a storm building on the horizon.